Dr. Clington (Cont…)

My Annointment


Dr. Clington MBBS D.Orth MRCS FRCS M.Ch orth


The following day was 5th of May 1998 I went for confession after a long time, waited for my parents and brothers to go away, as I did not want them see me confessing. I was looking for a good priest, who would be consoling, rather than rebuking. I found one and as I confessed, I was in tears, scaring the priest. I should admit he consoled me. When I finished, I felt unburdened.Incidentally, when I returned, I wanted to sit in the middle row. Soon I realised the Lord speaking to me. He asked me to remove my sandals, as He said to Moses. I obliged! I knew in my heart at that time, it’s going to be a different day, for something is waiting to happen.While I was praising the Lord, I realised I was speaking in the heavenly tongues. I had practised hard, days before, to mimic the preachers on the stage. On the very evening, proceeding to the Eucharistic adoration, I met the same Infant Jesus on the Eucharist. I shut my eyes and swerved my chair again as before. In my vision, I found two black birds flying and I was asking myself, how evil could come out of me, as I was Holy!!!

Deep in my heart, I had an urge in me to ask for God’s Holy Spirit, not knowing exactly what I am asking for. In my vision, I saw two white pigeons and I was happy. This has to be Holy Spirit. I was enthralled. I opened my eyes to see a beam of light in the Eucharist. It was so radiant and luminescent, that I couldn’t see it continuously.

At one point, the light started to move and the trajectory was towards me. It came towards me and engulfed me completely. I felt as if I was thrown into a freezer. I was trembling and shivering in chillness. I couldn’t control my emotions. I started weeping. I didn’t bother about anyone around me. In my heart, I knew I was making one to one conversation with my saviour and my personality was vanishing.

I had extraordinary perceptions about what was happening around me and what my parents, brothers and neighbours perceived about me. I didn’t care!! My thought at that time was not to miss my God. In my heart, I was born again and I knew what salvation means.


The very night, on my way back to my bed, I heard the Lord speaking to me again, to be obedient, modest and truthful to him. I couldn’t sleep that night. I was sweating profusely at the heat of that summer night. I was hitting the toilet very frequently, without being thirsty. It was an opposite feeling compared to my anointment chillness. I was feeling extremely hot as if in fire.

Now, I was stopping and praying, laying hands over the heads of people, who were awake in the heat. I didn’t want to do this, but I couldn’t control myself. In my personality, this was something, which I never wanted to do nor would ever encourage me or others doing. I never dreamed that it would ever happen to me, which I couldn’t resist on that day. I hated myself! I couldn’t sleep!!