Scientific Bible- Challenge to Scientists!

Joseph Wellington B.E MBA

1) Only approximately 200 years before scientists discovered ice, water, steam and rain are interlinked. They discovered how sea water evaporates, condenses to clouds and comes down as rain to flow through streams and rivers to join the sea again.

Interestingly we find the Holy Bible has depicted this natural phenomenon many thousands of years before. In Ecclesiastes 1:7 we find all rivers join to mix with the sea. However they do not fill the sea. To run again the rivers return to the same place they are formed. In Job 36:27-29 we find the water drops are drawn up as vapour. He returns the water vapour as rains and the clouds produce these rains to wet the humans in abundance.

In Job 37:11 we find He inserts the water drops into the clouds. King Solomon said these findings 2970 years before and Job said the same 3500 years before. Let us think how Solomon and Job would know this. Did they go to any research laboratories before writing this to find these facts? He makes the water drops ascend up as atoms and get integrated within the clouds and makes them descend again as water drops in rain. By rivers they reach the sea to be evaporated by the sun to reach the clouds and descend again as rain to form mighty rivers in a cyclical process.

Also the electricity generated when the clouds rub to form lighting, the sound of the impacting clouds heard as thunder which is associated with rain has all been neatly explained in the Bible 3500 years before.

2) Only recently scientists found out that blood is so vital for the existence of life. Blood is the integral element of life to take the oxygenated blood from lungs to the tissues and to remove carbon dioxide from tissues to the lungs. Further to take the nutrients to every cell and tissue of the body that it can grow, for wound healing and to seal the injured sites by clot this blood is again is the basic element. Not too long before physicians found if blood won’t exist life will die. However Bible said these thousands of years above as blood sustains life and we find this in Leviticus 17: 11.

3)Circumcision is removing the foreskin of the male genitalia. Lord said to Abraham this should be done on the eighth day of child birth generation after generations, which we find in Genesis 17:12. Whether a child is born of their community or bought from a different tribe this ritual should still be performed. Let us think why circumcision should be performed on the 8th day? Why not on a different time? When physicians and scientists of modern generation analysed this they found a very interesting fact. The time taken for a wound to heal on the eighth day is quicker than any other time in life.

We don’t know if Moses instructed this on his finding or by the divine intervention. How Moses would have got this wisdom? When physicians explored this wisdom they found another important fact. We know that cancers prevail in the female genitalia quite commonly. However this incidence is quite rare in Jewish and Mohammedan’s females. The reason for this is their men get circumcised. Also the chance of getting cancer in the male genitalia is taken away if this circumcision would be performed early. Whoever would follow the instructions of the Lord as in Genesis 17:12 to Abraham will protect their families too from deadly diseases. By this we know our Lord is the greatest of all scientists and a teacher to everyone.

4) Until Copernicus who came in 1500 A.D found that the Earth is round until when our ancestors believed that it is flat. He could convince the rest of the world only after setting a lot of experiments. However prophet Isaiah said that the Lord is sitting majestically on the spherical earth in his book 40:22 in 700 B.C.

5) Only in 1630 A.D Galileo found that air has mass, but in Job 25:28, which was written in 1500 B.C we find that the Lord determined the mass of the air.

6) A lot of scientists who came many generations after Christ found there are numerous stars in the sky which are countless. In 1400 B.C we find in Genesis 13:15, the Lord said to Abraham if possible let you try counting the stars of the sky.

7) During First World War the Germans used very dangerous explosives. When they tried several ways to transport this across the world there were massive failures in the techniques used, following which they exploded en route causing major destructions. Later they transported T.N.T in ice successfully. Around 1500 B.C when the book of Job was written, it was quoted there if anyone had ever entered in to the glacier forts, for terrible war times and periods of great tribulation, I have hidden them there (Job 38:22-23).

8) Until this date there is great debate on the biblical narration on how mankind was created was from dust and mud. There had been a lot of research to analyse this. It is ironic to know there isn’t anything on earth which is in human body.

So let us read the Bible to increase our knowledge by which we shall praise Him.

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