Dr. Clington

My Salvation


Dr. Clington MBBS D.Orth MRCS FRCS M.Ch orth

“I did not receive it from any man, nor was I taught it; rather, I received it by revelation from Jesus Christ.” – Galatians 1:1

What led me into Christian life? I was a born Christian for 23 years practising faith by compulsion. I had my own doubts regarding my faith towards Christ and I kept myself away from awkward topics about the presence and existence of God. This attitude was nourished very well, when I joined Medical College in Chennai(Madras), 1991. We had a group of Christian friends, who were keen to involve in prayers, every working week. I always found myself very distant to God, so week after week, I had an excuse for not being there.

During my college days, a friend of mine used to bring Bible to the college. He was so passionate about God and he will not say a word against God, despite his sufferings. I looked at him as a fool and have advised him on several occasions, that he could say anything about God, to get away from the difficulties of ragging. However, I found very impressed by his faith, without much change in myself. When we got to argue about God, I kept myself from much argument, regarding His existence and leading.

I was practising Christianity by birth not by faith!!!

Whenever I got down to the prayer meeting, I came back with lot of anxieties, knowing I am very distant from God. I used to keep a Bible on my bed side, hoping God is close to me, until my anxieties are allayed, when the Bible would go back to where it was before.

I was critical about preachers and ministers, very damaging and also quoting that, there weren’t any more miracles since Christ’s and Apostles’ time.

I was so obsessed with worldly pleasures, that I can’t even perceive or think or comprehend the pleasure of walking with God. If I would hear anyone preaching about this, I would think to myself that they are not telling the truth. I cannot understand, how the pleasures they narrate walking with God, could be real. For me, nothing would match the pleasures of the world.

"I was literally blind"