Dr. Clington (Cont…)

Meeting My God

Dr. Clington MBBS D.Orth MRCS FRCS M.Ch orth

I heard someone speaking into my ears calling me to follow Him. I resisted with my whole heart, with full force, that I wouldn’t and couldn’t. I made God aware, that it was inappropriate for Him to call me at that time, when I was entering my post graduation as an orthopedic surgeon. I also made Him aware, if he had ever wanted me, the calling should have happened, during my school days, not when I had set my career ahead, with lot of aspirations and ambitions to achieve, which would bring me fame & wealth. The Lord said only one thing to me.

“Come, follow me!”

He annoyed me saying this again and again, which made me realise, I was wrong to ask for His Holy Spirit. I thought to myself, as being foolish in the first place to come there, obliging to my intuitions and then subduing myself knowingly to the unknown fact about Him.

I felt desperate at one point, if He would stop speaking to me. However His conversation materialised and evolved, asking me, what stopped me following Him? I said, the world has so much to offer and with my aspirations ahead, there is plenty to achieve. He asked me, if I believed they were eternal pleasures. I replied negatively, saying it will make me happy. He was sad. He paused for a while and asked me, if I trusted Him. I said "No". He looked obviously even sadder, as He was reading my mind, in which I wanted to say Him “SHUT UP”

Interestingly, the Lord was kind and patient. He didn’t rebuke me, but said, “If I make a covenant with you, that if I would fulfil your heart's desires, would it then make you consider following me”. As I wanted Him to stop talking to me, the answer was "Yes!" He said, “Okay, I will see you after!”. It was 4 in the morning, when I went to sleep and two hours later, on my way to the prayers, I felt very happy in my heart, which was so awesome, which I never ever cherished ever before or after in my life. I was slowly getting to the reality of knowing, what Eternal pleasure means, which I never understood before.

That Friday, when I was supposed to leave the place, I didn’t want to. The God asked me, “Why?” I said to Him, “It will be easy for me to practise Him inside the retreat centre, as there will be no challenges from the world outside. He smiled and said, “I was complacent and lazy”. He made clear to me, the reason for my call is not to sit there, but to go and face the challenges outside by living and practising His faith to make him proud.

Now, I had a laugh. I told him, if it would be the reason He chose me, He would be disappointed, as Thy know, who I am and how I was. He replied, “Go now, wait and see!”

Honestly, I didn’t understand what He meant, but as the days rolled on, I realised that, He started to explore and display my unearthed qualities to my awareness and to His advantage.

Now it is 12 years since this happened and I am standing before you all, narrating not just the events that happened to me, but also making others know who my God is, how He is as a person and a friend, looking after us day in and day out.

This is a “Start of the Beginning!!!