Current Projects


In our power ministry, we conduct retreats for masses and ministers, who saviour Christ. People who experience this unique feeling, start to live Christ and His principles successfully in their day to day life. They get appropriate feedback and follow up not only to maintain but also to develop their relationship with God.


Printed Tamil monthly for the last four years, where you can read the work of God’s mighty hands in our thoughts and activities.

Zion Voice

In our online magazine which comes in English, Tamil and Malayalam, you will cherish the feeling of God’s mighty team in us. This is possible only because God has created and joined hands of several voluntary team members to work for His glory.

Gethsemane Worship Chapel

This is God’s recent gift to enhance the spread of His word through us. Here we conduct regular prayers, counsellings and Biblical discussions to enlighten the masses.

Prayer Intentions

Nothing is impossible for God! We undertake prayer requests, which is led efficently by a dedicated team, who fervently kneel before God and much to everyone’s happiness, the Lord is continuously showing His kindness to grant these requests graciously.

Online Prayers

It is a revolution in our ministry, where we communicate to propagate Christ across the world in prayers, discussions and sharing.

Prayer Ministry

This is an integral part of our mission and we conduct prayer meetings at home and church in addition to night vigils, fasting prayers, Biblical discussions and many other enthralling spiritual activities for the glory of Christ.

Zion Charity

This is meant to help the deprived and the destitute for Holistic healing. To support this mission, we look forward to your generous support, physically and financially, as the Lord instructs you.

Supporting Missions

We recognize God’s works in His churches. So it is important to support missions, who work in God’s plan and we support them too! We also do social and community work, which is rapidly becoming multifaceted.

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