Jesus My Friend

Mr. Dominic B.E

Oh, man! You are made from the dust of the ground and to the same dust you will return, let you not forget it!

The lent season finished and I started eating non-vegetarian food along with my family. Despite God instructing me to do my penitential rights even after the lent season, it is strange to say it was difficult to follow it. He said it is not enough for me to do only 40 days of penance in a year. The Bible also does not say 40 days of penance is enough. Instead the Bible says one should abstain from sins all our life. This is what the Lord expects from us.

As I was praying, I started to intercede for my friends and relatives. It was strange to notice on that day that I was praying for all the pettifogging, which had happened in my friends’ and family circles. I was praying for utmost peace.My friend laughed at me and said, “Son you are made of dust and unto dust you shall return, let you not forget this.” He walked away without saying anything more. I was confused and I started to think.

These are the same words, which the priest quotes in the church on Ash Wednesday and also during the funeral service. There is also a famous hymn with the same verses, which will be sung in every funeral service. I was blatantly confused, as I cannot remember these words being said anytime otherwise!

I started to meditate. I had no other choice than to ask my friend to explain this. At that time, I had a few thoughts springing up in my mind. We know man was made from the dust of the ground by God. We also know when he dies, we bury him up in the ground. So he is returning back to the same dust.

When God created man, He blew into him His breath which gave him life. He also created him in his own image. Ironically, we humans are filled with pride, envy, greed, lust, sinful thoughts, murder and looting filthy ideas, which brings huge damage and destruction not only to us, but also to the whole community around us.

When these thoughts came into my mind, God gave me the following revelation

Dust + Breath of life (From GOD) = Man

Thus humans who were created in the image and likeness of God are given the responsibility by Him. We should display love, grace, forgiveness and patience just as the God. These are some of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. When we do not exhibit this, we lack the image of God. Humans who cannot portray the image of God are mere dust. They are not useful for anything, only people who have this attitude behave just like the dust and they fight for the same dust.

It is strange to note even after realising that we came from the dust of the ground, we fight for the same dust with other men, who come from the same dust. Is this not funny? It is hilarious to see, when people fight without being modest spoiling the peace and integrity of human existence. So keeping this in mind, let us pray for peace, integrity and modesty from the Lord our God.

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