Zion Ministry

Jesus said, "Come, Follow me!"

I am Dr. Clington J Fernando, practicing Orthopedic Surgeon entrusted with Christ's mission to propagate the word of GOD. In my everyday Christ experiences and walking in Jesus' Ministry for well over 17 years, a lot of people have been personally touched by my Saviour. 

Zion mission started with one single person in Dr. Clington, carrying a cross with the desire and passion to hold the flame lit by the Holy Spirit, on the 5th May 1998. Amidst trials and tribulations, mockery and giggles, Zion mission has continued to grow over these years, from strength to strength, due to the faith of the leader in Christ.

Today Zion mission’s vision is currently led by two able medical doctors and brothers, who hold the mission to their heart, Dr. Clington and Dr. Romington. Zion mission is currently stretched all over the world, across many continents, making real progress in Christian lives. In Christ and His Holy Spirit, embedded in His Spiritual Gifts, Zion mission is flourishing in real time, putting faith into practise and knocking off the traditional materialistic attitudes of multitudes of Christians.

It is a shame to note even today, that Christ is preached in a materialistic way, further to which believers get lost in search of the vanity. In Zion mission we give a completely different outlook to see Christ as a friend and comforter, close to your heart, whom you can rely and trust, which makes you practise faith with passion, thus fulfilling the aim of God’s creation in you.

So to know and hold Christ as everything to you, why not meet us today?

“Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you”– Mat 6:33

Tomorrow never comes! Make a change today!!


Kids Prayers

"If you abide in my words, you are truly my disciples" - John 8:31-32

Dear Father in heaven, I am a very special gift from you and everybody else who surrounds me too. Everybody is special in a different way. Lord you are our Father and have made every single person different in their ways and words they do and say- Amen.

Dear Father in Heaven,Thank you God for the life you gave us, we will take care of our lives and will help others, who are sick, poor and may need help. I will also take care of the animals you made. I also thank you for all the food you gave us. Please give food to the poor people because they don't have a single thing to eat and bless their food to be healthy too! - Amen.