Edwin Testimony (Cont…)

My Moments with God

When we were into the early morning hours, we had bizarre interruptions to our prayer. We started receiving unnecessary text messages which weren’t relevant to us at all. An 8 year old girl who was sleeping in the room next to us started screaming. All these disruptions made my human spirit confused. I remained perplexed, neither to accept it nor to reject it. I was asked to pray and when I prayed, all I can see was darkness.

Then we started analysing how all those events unfolded that particular night. Out of blue, Clington asked me if my family has got any history of troubles due to witch craft or black magic. For the first time, I started thinking about my whole lineage. I recollected my ancestors doing pagan worship, performing rituals to the statues. We started praying for my family.

Now, we were able to feel the presence of God. This experience was unexplainable and unique. I started praying with all my heart and soul. Even this day, I find it really difficult to explain that serene experience. It is something to feel and know rather than being explained.

During this time, I was experiencing His grace; I could realise the Lord taking away the generation curse from our family. For the first time ever in my life, I had a clear vision of Jesus. Initially, all I can see was a bright white robe, with a streak of red lining on it. Then I saw the hands, the wounds in the hands, a pleasing smile, which in itself holds a lot of meaning, the beard and finally, the full face of Him. I still can’t forget the smile. It’s been close to a year since it happened and the image is still fresh on my mind.

On the last day of the retreat, my so called common sense started questioning me about what happened to me that previous night. I was trying to rationalize. Was it a figment of my imagination? Was I compelled to dream in that way?

Again, that night, the prayer went on well past midnight. I was desperate for sleep due to the sleepless nights before. I was knackered. We switched of all the lights and started to pray. Unable to keep myself awake, I decided to go for a face wash as I cannot cope up with the intensity. I was about to get up. I moved away my quilt and that’s when I encountered it. A bright golden light, like a fire, emerged out from my bed. I was petrified. I was asking other people in the room if any one saw it but everyone denied. Then I knew the answer. It was a confirmation from my Lord that what I had witnessed the day before was nothing to do with my imagination.

Right after that, we all gathered in circle, holding our hands together. It was so eventful, full of Spirit. We all were praising and thanking God for the gathering, for the time and for His blessing. People started praying in tongues, had lot of visions, prophesises and blessings. It lifted our spirits and hopes.

At the end of the retreat, while I was leaving, I was absolutely clear that I was in God’s plan to attend it. He chose me even though I am not worthy for it. By attending the retreat, he gave me those visions and confirmations. He revealed His Holy Spirit in the form of fire during our prayers.
Today, I can tell you with my whole heart and discernment that He is a true living God. He is there for us, right beside us. All we need is to open our hearts for Him and let Him to come and be with us. (Rev 3:20)

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