Servant of Love (Cont…)

Being with God

Relationship with Christ is the cornerstone for the work of a servant. Trying to know more about Christ, spending time on prayers to have conversations with him and reading Bible to meditate His words are very important. You canít work for God unless you have a special relationship with Christ. If not it leads into negative consequences. You must deeply meditate the words of Christ. Ask yourselves each night, whether you have spent time with Him at least once. We could do and plan to do many works, but unless you have a relationship with Christ, nothing will be done according to Godís wish. Without finding out what Christ wants to do with you, donít imagine that His work is done by building churches, schools, colleges, hospitals, orphanages and elderly homes. These works arenít wrong, but you must be absolutely sure, if this is what He wants us to do, if not we spoil our own calling.

Breaking Bread (Eucharist)

God has left us the Sacrament of Holy Communion to remind the events from Passover and Christís sacrifice in Calvary. This is specially done during masses and Eucharistic blessings. All other holy events and activities centres and revolves around this. Jesus gifted the Holy Communion to us in His last supper as the ultimate symbol of fellowship and sharing, which He expects of His people. Eucharistic service is Holy and so whoever participates and partakes in it should be Holy too. Whoever handles the Eucharist, being unholy will have no chance to escape from Godís fury. Theyíll have to face the same fate as it happened to Judas. Bible says that Satan entered into Judas as soon as he took the bread during the last supper. Jesus says to Judas, ĎWoe to you, who chose puts his hand in this vessel with a filthy mind. It would be better for you if you had not been bornĒ.


Daniel prayed three times a day towards Jerusalem, with his windows opened. Shadrach, Meshach and Abenedoch were saved from the fire because they worshipped God. You should always have a prayer before your eyes. Pray not only for our spiritual growth but also do prayerful intercessions for all the people of God.

Religious Teaching

Let it be the Sunday message or a conversation about God, you should teach all believers more deeply, clearly and easily in a way they could understand and make use of it. At the same time, donít just blabber thinking that one is a genius. Itís important to accept if you really donít know the secrets of Bible. Be humble and learn from others as well. Donít be too proud to be a servant of God and irritate others. Instead recognize and correct your mistakes with love and work to attain spiritual growth.


Try not to run out in a hurry after the celebration, if that is what we do now it should be changed. Think other believers are your family members. You should have a good conversation and try to build the Kingdom of God together with them. In this situation, the relationship between the servants of God and believers should be pure and selfless.

Itís important that others donít find faults in your friendship and other behaviors. Abusing the state of small children and vulnerable people and having bad relationships with them should be totally avoided. Relationship between the blessed ones mustnít cross the limit.

Control yourselves knowing that drinking habits and having relationship with women are the baits and traits, which Satan tricks to destroy the servants of God. Those who canít be like this should back off from working for God. Itís better for the believers to avoid these kinds of people, which they should or else sulphur and fire will fall over on them. This is what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. Having relationship with these people will also bring their sins over you .

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